Little Miss Jay - teasing & denial

Naughty boys like you need to have those cocks kept under strict control... don't you agree pet? And with me holding the key to your chastity device, it really will be under control... my control! Stroking that cock is privilege - a reward. In fact, even the pleasure of a big hard erection is a privilege... and naughty little strokers like you need to earn that privilege, don't you?

Miss Jay's Chastity KeyholdingWith your poor cock locked up in that tight, mean little cage, I'm sure your mind will be focussed where it really should be. It shouldn't be too frustrating for you... hee hee!

It could be a couple of weeks, a month, or as long as I want until I decide to send that precious key back to you... and in that time, every naughty thought you have is going to inch your desperation higher and higher, as that cock swells desperately in it's cage... *giggles*

Read about exactly why I should lock your cock up here.

The choice of chastity device you will use is up to you - every stroker has their own preferences and requirements, and everyone's comfort levels differ. I have experience with a few different models and can recommend the cb6000 for smaller boys, or the curve for larger boys (or those uncircumcised).
Whichever device you choose, it should be secure - we don't want any escapes now do we?

Miss Jay's Chastity Keyholding
Locks and Keys
I will send you a lock to use on your chastity device, and the key will follow at either the end of the agreed period of chastity, or when I decide you deserve release, depending on which option you chose.
There is no facility for you to send me a key.

Postage of the keys are by Royal Mail first class within the UK mainland, or by airmal worldwide.
UK deliveries typically take 1-3 working days, and international delivery typically takes 5-7 working days.

If you need an urgent release, contact me as soon as possible explaining your circumstances and I will send you the key to the lock at the earliest opportunity, (as long as your circumstances are reasonable).
If you are travelling, contact me and we can arrange for a numbered plastic lock to be used for hassle-free avoidance of metal detectors.

What I expect
I expect all slaves in chastity for me to abide by the rules of their contract.
I will require a report at least once per week, emailed directly to myself.
I will also require photographic (or video) evidence that my lock is securely in place upon commencement of your chastity, and at least once every following week, including in the photo a printed date such as that from a newspaper.

How long do you wish to be under my control, slave? The longer the better - there are few things I enjoy more than the feeling of having a slave's cock securely under lock and key... *giggles*

You may choose to have your cock locked away with either a solid brass padlock, or a numbered plastic lock. My preference is for a solid lock, I do like holding the key and tormenting you poor boys with little pictures of it around my neck every now and then... plus I know once it's on there's no way it'll be coming off without my permission.

However, if you will be travelling a lot or are very concerned about emergencies, you may choose to purchase a numbered plastic lock.

Either way, that once my lock is clicked shut, that cock is mine ;)

The following chastity periods are available:
  • One week
  • One month
  • As long as I see fit
    My favourite option - I'll take into account you limits and previous chastity experience, but ultimately I'll decide when you deserve to play with my property again.
  • An agreed time frame
    If you're too scared to leave the control entirely up to me, you can choose a maximum and minimum number of weeks you think you can manage, and I'll choose when in that period I will allow you release.

Solid Brass Lock
Numbered Plastic Lock